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Water conservation has never been more important.

The world’s fresh water supplies are lower than they have ever been.

We as a planet need to be much more careful with the way we use our water if we are going to live sustainably.

To give you some ideas on how you can reduce your water usage, today we are going to list our top 13 water saving tips that you can implement right away.

Let’s get started.





1. Play Musical Showers

Water Saving Rating: Around 30 – 50 Liters

One of the best ways to reduce your water consumption is to limit the amount of time you spend in the shower. However, time spent in the shower can be a little difficult to judge – and most people don’t have a clock in their bathroom. So this is what you do. Seconds before you jump in the shower start playing a song on your phone / Bluetooth speaker. The aim of the game is to finish showering before the song ends (which gives you about 4 minutes).   This might sound like a short time, but when you are really trying your hardest to beat the clock – it’s actually reasonably easy.

2. Don’t Waste While Washing!

Water Saving Rating: Around 10 – 15 Liters

This is a tip that many people do already, but there are still lots of people that leave the water running when they are washing their hair in the shower. Next time you are washing your hair, turn off the shower while you are applying the shampoo to save water. This tip has the added benefit of making life a little bit easier, as you don’t need to squeeze into one corner to avoid the water while lathering up your hair.

3. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!

Water Saving Rating: Around 1 – 5 Liters

Many people throw their cooking water away after cooking with it. For some foods with a very strong taste, this is necessary. But for things like pasta and potatoes, it can easily be reused without any difference in taste. After two uses throw it away (or use it to water plants).

4. Do You Need To Wash That Dish?

Water Saving Rating: Around 1 Liter Per Dish

Sometimes when you eat a sandwich or a pizza slice there will not be anything left on the plate apart from a few crumbs. Ask yourself if you really need to wash that dish. Maybe you can just wipe off the crumbs and put it back in the cupboard instead?

5. Your Toilet Is Not A Trash Can

Water Saving Rating: 6 Liters

Tissues and sanitary products are common bathroom waste. Instead of throwing them in the bin like regular trash for some reason people seem to think it’s a good idea to throw this stuff down the toilet.   If you are not using the toilet, don’t throw your waste into it. Get a small bathroom bin and use that instead.

6. Two Flushes Are Better Than One

Water Saving Rating: 4 – 6 Liters Per Flush

There is no elegant way to discuss this one, so you might have to bear with us for a second here. The simple fact of the matter is that when you use the toilet it takes more water to clear your stuff away from “the back end” than it does from “the front end”.   Older, less environmentally friendly toilets used to have just one flushing mode – full power. This means that when these toilets are flushed for your “front end” business, they are using much more water than they need to. Dual flush toilet systems have a smaller button for a smaller flush, and a bigger button for a bigger flush (allowing you to only use as much water as you need to).

7. Don’t Flush Yellow Stuff

Water Saving Rating: 6 – 13 Liters Per “Yellow Toilet Visit”

If you don’t want a dual flush toilet (or can’t have one) then use the old rule – “If it’s yellow let it mellow”. Basically, this means don’t flush the toilet when you use it with your “front end”. It’s not unhygienic and will conserve water

8. Is The Sink Half Full Or Half Empty?

Water Saving Rating: 6 Liters Per Minute

Instead of leaving the tap running while you clean the dishes, fill up the basin instead. A running tap will use much more water than filling the sink up.

9. Make Sure You Are Fully Loaded!

Water Saving Rating: 60 – 80 Liters For Every Unused Wash

When you use a washing machine to wash your clothes, by default it is going to use the maximum amount of water it requires – regardless of how many clothes are put inside it.   You should try your hardest to avoid using your washing machine without it being fully loaded. If your washing machine has a half load setting, make sure you use it (if you can’t wait for a full load).

10. Be Brush Smart

Water Saving Rating: 6 Liters Per Minute

This is something your parents should have taught you. If you’re leaving the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth – you are a monster! There is no need for it whatsoever.   If a 5-year-old child can learn how to do this, so can you. We don’t need to explain it, you know why it’s bad.   Just turn off the darn tap.

11. Don’t Leak!

Water Saving Rating: 30 to 500 Liters A Day Depending On The Leak

Do you have a leaky tap or pipe in your home that you have been ignoring for a while? If so then you are wasting a huge amount of water. Your tiny leak is going to be dripping 24/7 until you get it fixed. It never stops, and it never rests.   It might not seem like that small drip is using much water, but over time it all adds up to a significant amount. Check all your taps and pipes for leaks, if you find any – fix them.

12. Go Low Flow!

Water Saving Rating: Around 1 Liter Per Flush

You can reduce the amount of water your toilet uses with a simple plastic bottle. Put a few pebbles in a small bottle and place the bottle in your toilet’s tank. This reduces the amount of water required to fill the toilet up (and therefore less water is used with each flush).   Not all toilets will be suitable for this, but try it out for a day. If your waste is still being flushed away properly, then you are good to go!

13. Save Your Shower!

Water Saving Rating: Around 2.5 Liters Per Minute

The shower is undoubtedly the biggest waster of water in the home. Specialist shower heads are available that reduce the amount of water used (while keeping the shower’s water pressure strong).   This is done with one of a few different ways. But the simplest way is also the best way.

It uses a layer of small plastic filter beads in the shower head to reduce the amount of water used. The water stream remains strong and consistent, but water usage is reduced by about 30%.

Imagine that.

With this simple device, you are going to be able to make every shower that is taken in your home use 30% less water. We are a company that cares about our environment. We want to make Singapore one of the most water efficient cities on the planet.

Today we are proud to announce that we are giving away a limited number of Raindew water saving showerheads – absolutely free.

Raindew shower heads utilize the filter bead system we mentioned above and will save around 2.5 liters of water per minute of usage.

They are fully compatible with almost every shower in the world, and DIY installation takes less than 5 minutes.

It’s the easiest way for you and your family to do your part in conserving our planets limited fresh water supply.

And it’s not going to cost you a single cent.   If you would like to receive a free Raindew water saving shower head just click here.